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Who We Are

Fresh on Deck is a nutrition education program facilitated  by

Kitchen on the Street and sponsored by the Arizona Diamondbacks and UnitedHealthcare.

Kitchen on the Street is a solutions-based 501c3 nonprofit organization 

that has been serving food-insecure children and families since 2007. 

Donations to Kitchen on the Street qualify for the Arizona dollar-for-dollar tax credit, allowing individuals to donate up to $421 and couples filing jointly to donate up to $841 an receive a dollar-for-dollar credit off AZ Tax filings in 2023. Donations allow students to participate in Fresh on Deck classes and take home fresh fruits and vegetables to meet the nutritional needs of their entire family. For more information visit

Why We Work to Eliminate


Food-insecurity and the lack of access to affordable nutritious food are associated with increased risk for multiple chronic health conditions like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and mental health disorders.

Students with low food-security are 4 to 5 times more likely to experience anxiety and depression than their food-secure peers. Worse overall physical health: Food-insecure students consume fewer vegetables and fruits, and their meals are usually nutrient-poor.

Kitchen on the Street programs result in a 12% increase in reading skills and a 26% improvement in math scores, as well as increased school attendance and less visits to the school nurse’s office. 

Kitchen on the Street stands with children in need at the intersection of nutrition and academic excellence.

How You Can Help

Follow Fresh on Deck on Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin to watch our progress and learn about opportunities to join this movement. Opportunities include:​​

  • Lesson Planning (calling CREATIVE people)

  • Act as a Lead Volunteer at sessions

  • Fund a Field Trip by donating funds.

  • Donations qualify for the dollar-for-dollar Arizona Tax credit, allowing individuals to donate up to $421 and married couples to donate up to $841 and receive a dollar-for-dollar credit off AZ Taxes.

Learn More!

Email us today to learn more about hosting this program at your school or after-school club!

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