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Where we educate and empower food-insecure children in the areas of nutrition, physical activity, and academics.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The first wealth is health."

  Experiential Learning

Fresh on Deck nutrition education classes allow students to participate in hands-on activities to learn about food, food systems, nutrition, physical activity and brain development.  

  One Hour Sessions

These classes have a STEM focus and help students understand the importance of using food as fuel so they can achieve their dreams, whether that be an athlete, scholar or otherwise.

 Research shows an association between food-insecurity and delayed development in young children; increased risk of chronic illnesses; and behavioral problems like hyperactivity, anxiety and aggression in school-age children.

Food-insecurity is a social determinant that has a profound negative effect on health and education. 

Food-insecurity affects concentration, memory, mood, and motor skills, all of which a child needs to achieve academic success.

  Did you know?

Our Sponsors


Become a partner in hope and donate today.  Your funds will be used to scholarship food-insecure children to participate in Fresh on Deck sessions and take home fresh fruits and vegetables to meet the nutritional needs of their entire family!

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